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Monday, July 18, 2011

8 Easy Ways to Find Your Perfect Toilet

8 Easy Ways to Find Your Perfect Toilet8 Easy Ways to Find Your Perfect Toilet

Perhaps you are building a house, or you're remodeling. If you're like most people, the bathroom is probably not rate very high on their list of priorities. However, the bathroom is a key piece of a comfortable, modern, well-functioning home. By following a few simple steps can help you find a bathroom that is right for you, both functionally and aesthetically. Remember, alltoilets not built the same!

Step by step now, we will examine:

1. The shape of the bowl: The main options are an elongated bowl and a plate in front of the whole year. The front tends to be about two inches shorter, and works well for smaller spaces. The larger elongated front is more comfortable and hygienic as there is less drip on the toilet.

2. The size of the bathroom: There are plenty of options with different lengths, widths and heights. Be sure to measure the available space for the toilet to ensure a comfortable fit. It is also necessary to consider the rough-in space, which is how far the centerof the bowl is finished wall, since this limits the size of the toilet.

3. The size of the bathroom via-trap: The trap way is that part of the toilet that through which the flow of water and waste. The minimum level allows debris with a diameter of 1? inches to pass through. You may want to consider looking at a way larger trap to minimize clogging problems.

4. The flushing system: In the U.S., by law, all bathrooms should have a tank of 1.6 to conserve water. However, you still have some options.

? In gravity fed toilets, the weight of water in the tank pushes the waste through a path S-shaped trap, like the trap that creates the empty cup.

? With pressure assisted toilets, air in the tank is compressed as it fills with water. To wash, air pressure pushes the water with more force at the plate, resulting in better color. The disadvantages, however, include greater noise, expense and difficulty of repair.

5. One or two piece toilets: Two piece toilets are more common and affordable with a price, and have a separate tank and bowl are connected when the toilet is installed. One piece toilets have 5 or six parts that are seamlessly connected in one piece. They tend to be more elegant, more expensive, easier to clean, and smaller, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

6. Maintenance functions: Some services have features designed to make it easier to care for them. For example, Toto, an innovative Japanese manufacturer, has SanaGloss a ceramic glaze which prevents bacteria and mold buildup, making the toilet easy to clean. Of the Americas has its characteristic EasyClean. Kohler has an insulated liner for some of its lines of bath, avoiding the accumulation of moisture on the exterior of the tank due to condensation.

7. Appearance: while a toilet needs to work well, but it also has to look good in your bathroom. Fortunately, today's bathrooms come in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Bear mind, though, that choosing a color other than black, he can add to the price of the toilet. One approach that can consider is to choose a toilet that is part of a bathroom, ensuring that accessories are in harmony.

8. Other features: high-end bathrooms can come with heated seats, warm air systems for drying and bidet built as Washlets Toto. Kohler Comfort Height toilets have a higher seat, making sitting and standing easier.