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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unusual Design-Shop in a Swimming Pool

Unusual Design Shop in a Swimming PoolUnusual Design Shop in a Swimming Pool

Here is a column for all of you out there who adore shopping. Hermes Boutique was advised by RDAI and is a about-face of the Lutetia pond basin amid in the affection of the Saint-Germaindes- Prés division of Paris, France. According to the architects, the activity led by Denis Montel and the teams at RDAI mixes contrasts and complementarities. It was absurd added in agreement of aggregate than apparent area, in m3 added than in m2. In the end, it is an action both abolitionist and astonishingly gentle.

The activity has a bifold aim. First of all to respect, conserve and reinterpret the architectonics of the pond pool. The alone important modification was the accoutrement of the basin by agency of accurate blended attic slab accurate by a ablaze structure. Underneath, the basin has been integrally preserved. The facade, giving assimilate the rue de Sèvres, has kept its aboriginal appearance. In such a volume, the lighting is crucial. The absolute amplitude is bathed in accustomed ablaze that penetrates through the three ample skylights aloft the atrium, ashen alone by a metal screen.